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Below are some of the ways of testing software.

When speaking of software testing, a lot of people create an image in their mind of a long, monotonous and boring process that most anyone could do (after a short training). To prove how wrong this (laymen concept) is, we have decided to write this short text which will show that the right approach to software testing is not easy in the least.

Due to the software malfunction in 2007, the wrong information was sent to the customs network of the USA, which caused 17,000 planes to be trapped at the airport.

Due to the software malfunction that deals with donor organs, wrong organs were removed from 25 donors in Great Britain I 2010. The software for data collection was used since 1999, and later 400,000 more mistakes were found.

Software testing types

Black box (functional testing)

Black box is a system of functional software testing where the system is fed data after which the output and input data are compared.


White box (non-functional testing)

This testing checks the program code. The system is viewed as an open box.


Smoke test

Smoke test is initial software testing. It is the check of all expected functionalities by the client.


Integration test

Given the increase in the agile methodologies of development, most software systems are implemented in the phases where the exit in each phase is increment. Increments are mutually connected, so each one has to be checked for compatibility with the existing system in which they are integrated. Opposing the unit tests, where the system is broken into atom units during testing, increments are determined based on factors which are linked to the very methodology of software development, so parts of the system which are tested are larger than in unit tests.


Interface & Usability test

This is the testing of the usability of software from the perspective of end user. There are four phases of this testing


Load & Performance test

The software is tested under stress (number of users, amount of data) because it is important that the performances are at their highest.


Stress & Volume test

This is a method of determining the maximum of the system and setting limits so that these values are not surpassed during the use of the application.


Compatibility test

This testing is only done if the system is not homogenous, so testing is done to see if there are difficulties in working in different surroundings.


Regression testing

This is a type of testing process which aims to discover software mistakes in the existing functional and non-functional areas of the system after the changes such as migrating to a new platform, system improvements or configuration changes. The aim is to ensure that the changes have not led to any new mistakes or dysfunctionalities.